Toddler/prechool number/counting activity bag

I made index cards with numbers 0-10 (underlined), and put the same # of stickers on the other side. I pulled 10 large white buttons from my button jar, and the idea is for D to see a #, and count out that many buttons, then check his work by covering the stickers on the […]

Toddler/preschool magnet activity bag

I got my jam-lid wand from my canning supplies, and some big round bulletin board magnets, and his cute little super-strong Japanese magnets from Marukai. He can sort the types out (penguin, frog, turtle, car), go fishing, find other magnetic objects around the house, etc.

Toddler/preschool pairing sorting activity bag

More hardware from my dad's box: I plan on using thisi one in several different ways: pairing, arranging by size, sorting out similar and different (hexagonal vs square vs wingnut).He can do this one by hand at his table or he can use his magnet or tongs, maybe even tweezers to sort…

Toddler/preschool motor activity bag

Nuts and bolts! I raided my dad's box of random hardware, and came up with these. I left some of the washers and nuts ON the screws, and took some off. Not only will D have to find the ones that fit, but we've been working on "righty-tighty, lefty-loosy" a lot lately.

Toddler/preschool phonetic alphabet activity bag

This one is a matching game to work on his beginning sounds. I cut pictures out of grocery store mailers and used packaging tape to attach the pictures to blank index cards. On the back I labele the objects in lower and upper case. I also made corresponding alphabet cards that have an upper and […]

Toddler/Preschool Activity Bags

I've decided to bite the bullet and start actively preschooling D. By which I mean turning our home into more of a Montessori environment than the chaos that it now is. To that end, we're garaging most of his toys (not his trains, of course, or his seasonally almost appropriate arctic animals), and I'm going […]


I made a pair of pants (bean birthday pants) tonight, and a onesie, and……these booties, for my friend Leslie's 2 kids….I'm working on the tutorial for these, so my normal start to finish time of under an hour was tripled. But I got them done, they're super cute, and I have all the photographs ready […]

so excited!

as much as i love making clothes for my baby girl, there’s something ridiculously adorable about a just-diapered baby.she’s beyond excited because she managed to hold not just one, or two, but THREE whiffle balls. those are her favorite. she loves the little golf whiffle balls, and the big baseball whiffle balls.…even more exciting is […]

My homemade baby!

Cloth booties, sweater pants, dyed onesie, sweatshirt. I think she's even wearing a homemade diaper!

I’m just so darn proud of this!

To make this: and this: You need these:my wonderful dad cut the little wood pieces for me, and I just used regular old rubber cement to attach the pieces. don’t they look nice and fancy!?!?!?!