Month: October 2009


I love all my other pets too!!!2 pups (Harper is blond, Guinness is dark), 3 other kitties (Kieran, Tisa, and Murphy), and 3 hens (Alice, Betty, and Carrie).It's dark outside, so the other kitts are hunting outside, and it's too dark to snap shots of the hens, so here are my puppies, to excited to …

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My helper

I've been switching back and forth between piecing a quilt, sewing for Halloween, sewing for the birthday party, and knitting. Hence the mess.But my kitten keeps me company. I love love love this fluffy ball of orange fur.

Meringue ghosts

so I saw these… (scroll down to the end of the post) and was planning on making them, but then, while searching for a recipe, I found these, and I let D decide which he wanted to make… Voila D put in all the chocolate chips… aren’t they so cute!?!?!?!