We've all got colds again. Here it is, 1/2 way through October, 75
degrees outside everyday, but somehow D and I are on our second cold
each already!
I'm working on this jellybean dress for the Bean's 1st bday party.
It's the Oliver+S playdate dress. While I stamped all the fabric, D
painted my scraps, and he got some paint on the otherwise pristinely
white yoke. I love it. I think I'm going to hand embroider her name
and some jelly beans on the yoke near the splotch… Maybe. I was
originally planning on covering the splotch with the ruffles suggested
by the pattern, but it was just too busy.
Clearly I need to think on it more.
My thinking time these days is in the am, with the Bean strapped on my
back (I love my Ergo baby carrier!), while I clean the chicken coop
(and dog poop) and generally just let the chickens have monitored free
time in the backyard. Alice loves it, Carrie refuses to come out of
the coop, and Betty is somewhere in the middle. Alice particularly
loves nibbling on cheeseweed, which is lucky, cause we've got lots o'