I’m sure lots of people have their own versions of WIP Wednesdays, but I discovered the concept here… so, here’s my (semi-realistic) list for today:

sew this quilt top together. Here are 4 of 11 strips, pinned together. this should take less than an hour to sew up, right? then I need to sew the back, so I can baste (spray-baste, but baste, nonetheless) it tomorrow and tie it tomorrow night/over the weekend?

here’s my helper, using clothespins to pick up quilting pins one at a time and hand them to me. (the bean was on my back for this…)

I’ve already cut out, and need to sew the items here…

counterclockwise, starting with the JellyBean dress:

1.The Bean’s B-day Party dress, just needs sleeve and skirt finishing, and button sewing-on.

2. a white cotton knit sleepsack for the bean (i’m testing out my pattern with scraps from:)

3. a white cotton knit raglan shirt for D (to wear under his ghost costume)

4. white cotton sweatpants for D (with cargo pockets) (again, to wear under his ghost costume)

the final stack of fabric in the above pic is white textured cotton to make into the Bean’s dedication ceremony dress, and some colored felt to make into a game/activity idea I have in my head…

but first, before doing ANYTHING else, I need to sit here for a minute and enjoy my FAVORITE fruit. I LOVE POMEGRANATES. I think I might need to make myself a shirt with that quote…