Booo. Hiss. Booo.

I didn't buy enough of the chickens to make that skirt! So I'm gonna make it with this. It's been so hot lately, an I have 1 skirt, and NO shorts. I'm living in jeans or yoga pants since I had #2. So I NEED a skirt!!!!

Love at first sight!

Chickens!!! And eggs!!!I don't generally have a thing for poultry (I mean, I enjoy eating them), but I fell in LOVE with this print today at my sewing machine store.It's destined to be a cute wraparound skirt (this one from weekend sewing). And it will meet it's destiny TONIGHT. Jumping to the head of the […]

Bright orange sherbet!

I’m trying to come up with a pattern that i like for baby playsuits. i need a lapped collar (check) petite chest area (check) large diaper area for cloth diapers (check) elasticized ankles so pants stay on instead of dragging along behind (is this only a problem with my children? regular playsuits allow her to […]

Father’s Day

this was the other present, made at 10pm the night before, just because. I had the extra shirts on hand, although, not matching ones, unfortunately. I couldn’t find a plain one for the bean, so it was a father son gift.It took more time for me to figure out the knot shape than to do […]

Father’s Day

I made C 2 father’s day gifts this year (one for each kid, I guess)#1 was this coffee cup sleeve and instead of using courderoy, I found this uphosltry remnant that looks a LOT like cardboard.I also bought C this porcelain coffee cup, so it was a coffee themed father’s day. the only picture I […]

Justin’s Wedding Quilt, again

The invitation (SO beautiful! I love the sparkly paper and the 6 little stones) And here’s the quilt! (I found sparkly buttons to recreate the gems) (click here for other pics, I posted them about a month ago)

My new bag!

Made it tonight. Perfectly summery and fun. I assume I'll be holding toys in it with my wallet and phone.

my little baby model

ok, so i made up this pattern last night. AFTER my daughter was asleep, so I couldn’t measure her.the neck is too big, and the suit isn’t long enough over her cloth diapers, but it’s so cute anyway! just like her! I also want to add elastic around her ankles, so they’ll be like harem […]

D’s birthday outfit

The front has 3 balloons (one with a mohawk, just like D), painted freehand by my talented husband the back is like a sports jersey, done with freezer paper stencils and the pants have balloons all over them. I really wanted D to have a special outfit for his party, but couldn’t find cake/birthday fabric […]

D’s b-day cakes

So here’s the train cake I made for D’s 3rd bday. He wanted a train party, so obviously he needed a train cake. Now, yes, I could have bought a Thomas cake for less work/money, but a) I’m a pretty decent baker, and I wanted yumminess, not store bought fluff, b) I don’t like buying […]