I’m trying to come up with a pattern that i like for baby playsuits.

i need a lapped collar (check)

petite chest area (check)

large diaper area for cloth diapers (check)

elasticized ankles so pants stay on instead of dragging along behind (is this only a problem with my children? regular playsuits allow her to crawl her legs into the torso area, so the whole thing stretches out, and the legs slither along behind. so weird!) (check)

snap crotch (no check)

I HATE SNAPS!!! no, i LOVE them in store bought stuff, and HATE them in homemade stuff.

snap tape looks silly, but hammering or using pliers to do snaps is incredibly difficult, and has been hard on my fabric (when i make knit outfits, the snaps i put in always cause runs after a few washes)

so i’m asking for a snap press from my dad for my birthday (in 3 weeks). they look so big and garage-y that i think he’ll get it for me (my requests for fabric and sewing stuff in the past have usually been dealt with by him handing me money and telling me to get what i want, rahter than having to be a man in a sewing shop)

here’s my attempt at patternmaking though. ugliest fabric ever (i hate orange, and neon orange is the worst of the worst, IMO). somehow it’s cute on the baby though.

i think i want to make the armholes a teensy bit smaller.

back to the butcher paper!

so after wasting lots of time