So here’s the train cake I made for D’s 3rd bday. He wanted a train party, so obviously he needed a train cake. Now, yes, I could have bought a Thomas cake for less work/money, but a) I’m a pretty decent baker, and I wanted yumminess, not store bought fluff, b) I don’t like buying into the hype. (although, i admit my son owns 85% of all the Thomas trains, I really try to avoid the other thomas junk, so my goal was to make a REAL train cake…)
I used blueberries instead of candies for the coal…
and, again inspired by martha stewart’s cupcake book, I came up withthese train track cupcakes. I piped royal icing onto yellow lollipops to make the railroad crossing signs, and on the cakes to make the train tracks.
i’m pretty proud of them, cause i came up with the concept, not just the execution….

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