ok, so i made up this pattern last night. AFTER my daughter was asleep, so I couldn’t measure her.
the neck is too big, and the suit isn’t long enough over her cloth diapers, but it’s so cute anyway!

just like her! I also want to add elastic around her ankles, so they’ll be like harem pants that stay on her as she crawls (rather than her knee getting up by her tummy inside!) And I need to get more modern snap tape. I used what i had on hand, which was probably 25+ years old, and on VERY narrow, very stiff bias tape, so it was really hard to sew on. I also think i might make the kneepads shaped differently. Probably bigger, and maybe heart shaped or something… the fabric i used had stars, but i don’t know if STAR shaped kneepads would provide enough coverage… was thinking of maybe doing the WHOLE below knee part with padding….

i put ruffles on the butt, neck, and ankles, and knee pads on her legs, since she’s crawling everywhere these days!

Here’s the kneepad, inspired by the kneepads HERE
And the Ruffle Butt inspiration came from here

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