When in Rome…

Playing with strings on the log cabin blocks reminded me that I had most of the blocks I need for a paper-pieces throw quilt, so I pulled the finished ones out, and figured out which ones I needed. I decided to add 11 blocks for a 5×7 layout. Crockett was really intent on lego and […]

Alliteration: Bungus and Bag help me baste a baby quilt

cats and quilts

Oh, hey, look, a quilt post! One of my cousins is having a baby, and I serendipitously found some cute retro novelty fabric I’d cut up for a quilt…. 15 years ago? So I grabbed all the blues and white-ish ones (with, of course, a few random bright yellows just to mix it up), and […]

travel sewing kits

I have a “new” sewing machine, a 1931 White’s Rotary. I asked for naming help, and my friend Tess suggested Roxie. Perfect. As a thank you, (and, I admit, to test my pattern before I offer y’all a tutorial), I made her a little travel sewing kit thingy.  (is it a kit if it’s empty? […]

Quilting help

One must always have an assistant for larger jobs.  Here’s Leonora inspecting the newly finished Cathedral Windows quilt.