Another nursing-dress muslin

I had the sick 6 y/o take these pics, so my apologies for the quality (but yay him for being my photographer!) I made this dress up last night, based sorta on the schoolhouse tunic I wore yesterday. it’s another wearable muslin (this fabric is by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman, and is a 1930’s floral ditsy …

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Double -ended zippered bag

D needed a pencil bag, and was told to put pencils, erasers, and markers in them. I had this idea to make a bag that’s double ended, but searching on the internet for “double-ended bag” or pouch or anything double-ended only produces boxing results…. I’m not sure if I just don’t know the right search …

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Beach School Sewing, finale.

a set of pencil bags for all the kids in one family (1 boy, 2 girls, all coordinating so they can’t fight over them!) beachy pot-holders vintage-y potholders and then just a little playing around… I was thinking of making a little bag for my new phone, but it might need to be turned into …

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