Ok, so the other day, (gosh, was that just yesterday? yikes!) I showed you this sneak peak…

Here’s the finished product!

It’s a zip-up hoodie for D. He doesn’t fit anything store bought right now, so why buy and alter when I can just make myself (out of superior materials, tailored to my boy!)

He wanted a tow truck, so I decided to make it a working truck, and put the appliques on the pockets,

I free-motion stitched “D’s Towing” on it… lettering is hard!

I hand-embroidered the cream/grey chain (using a chain stitch, of course) after everything else was done… I really wanted the chain to connect(match) across the zipper….

I’ve never made outerwear before (I’m counting a sweatshirt as outerwear, not sportswear, but that’s probably because I live in LA), and I didn’t have a pattern, I drafted this one myself. (I’m not going to bore y’all with the incredibly long list of errors I made, but the next one should be doable in 1/2 the time, and with considerably less ripping of stitches!!)

It’s after midnight, so I’m refraining from waking D up to make him try it on right now. Hopefully it fits and I will be able to get action shots in the am….

I also need to find my camera (I’m pretty sure it’s in my husbie’s car) so I can show off some other pics I took over the weekend…