How to make a toddler playsuit/romper from an adult t-shirt (part 1)

Today I’m going to show you how to make THIS: I took OODLES of pictures, so every step should be really clear, but email me if it’s not! you will need: a shirt (I used adult small. It needs to be as long as your child from shoulder to ankle…. (or to knee if you […]

How to make snap crotch for a toddler romper/playsuit

OK, so hopefully you’ve read the part about how to cut/sew the basic shape of the romper, and all that remains is to make the snap crotch (that sounds so weird!) so, take one strip of stretchy coordinating fabric, serge the narrow ends, and line the ends up with the ends of one “U”, wrong […]

Uncle Jon’s Shirt….

The Bean’s godfather gave us one of his company’s shirts a few years ago….yesterday, I realized that, like the boxers I made a few months ago, a large t-shirt could easily make a suit for a small toddler…It worked out PERFECTLY, see:and you can still see all the logo on the back!this would probably be […]

Oscar’s birthday present

My friend Catrine is Dutch, (like, actually born and raised in Holland). Her little boy is celebrating his 1st birthday this weekend, so here’s what I’ve made for him: This onesie is still drying, but I’ve used freezer paper to stencil the Dutch flag (I do know how to spell the word white, but the […]

D’s new shirt!

is from C’s old shirt!He’s asleep, so I can’t try it on him, but I’m super pleased with it!

Rainy day #6…

First the baby took her morning nap, so I was able to start a granny square with one of the green yarns I dyed last night… isn’t it purdy?!?!?!? Then I managed to get the boy-o to nap (unfortunately after his sister had already woken up), so I backpacked her, and cut out the envelopes […]

vintage boys pants…

My son is a very solid 3.5 year old. I’m told by the dr that I don’t have to worry about his weight, but he’s not a skinny minny. His shoulders are so wide, that if I buy a woven shirt, he needs a 7-8… (he’s like his dad in that respect) His waist/hip (cause […]

Guest Blog!

I’m so thrilled and honored to announce that I was invited to do a guest blog post over at Mamma Tortilla!They asked for a tute on how to make a cute/easy baby dress like this one… (or these)check their site for the tute, coming soon!

toddler/boys boxer-briefs!

Look what I made tonight:Cutie patutie boys underpants from old baby clothes!Start to finish, including cutting time, I can whip one of these bad boys out in less than 10 minutes! (rereading this after posting, this sounds really dirty!) These would also work as “boy shorts” for a girl… with girlier fabric… I just wanted […]