The Bean’s godfather gave us one of his company’s shirts a few years ago….

yesterday, I realized that, like the boxers I made a few months ago, a large t-shirt could easily make a suit for a small toddler…

It worked out PERFECTLY, see:

and you can still see all the logo on the back!

this would probably be even cuter on a baby boy, but I think it’s pretty cute on my baby girl….
tutorial coming soon!

(more pictures of the model HERE)

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  1. That is just SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!
    How ever did you come up with the idea? I think you should market them :0)
    Blessings! Val

  2. yay! I'm so glad other people think it's cute/a good idea too! Sometimes when I come up with something, I think it's awesome, and then other people give that "thoughtful" look and you know you TOTALLY created something bizarre!
    I need to find another shirt today, and then HOPEFULLY I'll be able to put a tute up tonight or tomorrow….

  3. this is my favorite EVER!

    she is easily the finest looking creature to ever wear Teevan Blue…these are now posted on my door for the entire office to see my beautiful god-daughter!

  4. What an amazing idea and handiwork. She makes me smile. I'm going to be on the lookout for XL shirts to mail you… 😉

  5. I think it was a medium or large, actually, cause she's TEENY (still in her 6-9mo clothes!), but thank you! I was thrilled by how it turned out!
    btw, Catey, what's your email address?

  6. Ramona!
    This is totally brilliant – I love it! All the little ones around me are currently infants or "big kids" (i.e. 2+ year olds) so I don't have a hapless victim to try this on yet, but believe you me I'll try to make one when the chance arises. I LOVE how the logo and/or t-shirt design still shows. Super cool – thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Hey GS, thanks for stopping by! Why not grab a big kid shirt and try making an infant version? Just get the measurements I suggest in the tutorial, and go to town!
    (and show me pictures if you do it!)

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