Birthday dotty dress

The Bean’s birthday request was polkadot dressed. I happily complied. it’s made with this vintage pattern right one top. the orange and white polkadots. per her request.

Birthday dress in a Jiffy

I have a stash of patterns that my Grandma gave me, used by her in the 60’s (for my dad’s little sister)… some of them are SO awful it’s funny, and some are just plain wonderful. this one was wonderful. it’s the Jiffy Dress on the upper right side…. I tried really hard to get […]

KCWC finale: Vintage patterns….

C and I had a morning date to the antique flea market, and while he was busy inspecting and buying a vintage cash register (seriously, for work), I stumbled upon these gems. Priced at $2-3 each, I absolutely could not resist. none of them are the right size, but I can grade the size 1’s […]


The kiddos and I are sorting through that giant bin o’ stuff. So far I have a bias bin, a ribbon bin, and a piping/hem tape bin. Hopefully I can figure out how to get it a little more organized.

the world’s ugliest muslin

I know I’ve kvetched enough about how hideous this fabric is. and I should totally stop, since I’m the one who ASKED for it (my grandmother thought it was so ugly she was embarrased to offer it to me, but I said, no, ugly sheets make great muslins… but this is beyond ugly, isn’t it?)anyway, […]

baby quilts!

I finished it!here’s the front…and the back…I decided to grade the saturation on the back (like we did for the 1/2 square triangles on the front), rather that just use white.i LOVE it.I quilted it with double diagonal lines, by drawing lines through the points, then lining up my quilting/1/4″ foot on the line, and […]

vintage boys pants…

My son is a very solid 3.5 year old. I’m told by the dr that I don’t have to worry about his weight, but he’s not a skinny minny. His shoulders are so wide, that if I buy a woven shirt, he needs a 7-8… (he’s like his dad in that respect) His waist/hip (cause […]


I dunno if anyone is holding their breath out there in blogworld, but here’s the tute I made on how to make a skirt from a pair of men’s trousers… This skirt is inspired by this page in Blueprints of Fashion. There aren’t any directions in the book (because it’s just photos of the pattern […]