I know I’ve kvetched enough about how hideous this fabric is. and I should totally stop, since I’m the one who ASKED for it (my grandmother thought it was so ugly she was embarrased to offer it to me, but I said, no, ugly sheets make great muslins… but this is beyond ugly, isn’t it?)

anyway, I made a muslin of these vintage pants for D.
As I was cutting and sewing, I realized that there was absolutely NO WAY I would ever let him wear these out of the house (or around the house for that matter!), I hate the fabric THAT MUCH.
therefore, I didn’t worry about clipping threads, or making fancy pockets, or even putting the button/snap on the waistband.

I just wanted to see the fit, and make sure I understood the directions…
I graded the pattern up a bit, which was pointless, since the elastic back had plenty of room. all grading up really did was make the legs super baggy. oh well, luckily these were really ugly!
I didn’t bother hemming, or even lining the pockets (patch pockets, after all, can look patch-like and be fine, so I just serged the edges).
So, not a waste, I’m glad I didn’t use good fabric, as then I would have to take this apart and trim it down, and re sew it back together, whereas, with this piece of hideousness, it can go RIGHT INTO THE TRASHCAN! (after I take out the zipper).

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