more birthday presents….

I used some of the birthday present fabric I got this morning to make presents for the kidlets…. I love the pockets I made. they’re angled, not curved, sorta like part of an octagon… (there’re street signs on the pants) I used a recycled t-shirt for a yoga-pants waist band… not sure if the shirt […]

Happy Birthday to ME!

I made myself a birthday dress last night/this morning, but it’s TOO COLD to wear it. so I’m back in jeans and a long sleeved shirt….


Butterfly at the Crossroads Spider Legs, Snowball I’m LOVING this QAL. using up scraps from various projects…..

Hand quilting at the park…

I need to finish the hand quilting (hopefully by the end of the week) and then I’ll do a big reveal. it’s maybe my favorite quilt EVER. esp. since last week we were having a massive heat wave, so I’d pack up the kids and the quilt, and we’d spend the whole afternoon at the […]

BoPeep’s momma….

One of my BoPeep pattern testers suggested making it mom-sized, so I played around and here’s my tester…. unshirred, tunic length (with cute Bean) same shirt, but this time more wrinkled, and shirred.I think I’m close…

and more…

Um, I’ve been sewing a lot this past week. here’re 3 more Ring Around the Rosey dresses (in three different sizes, all on my tiny model) here’s the 24m. (it’s a gift, along with bloomers and a bonnet)(the fabric is from Momen+, and is in Japanese, so I don’t know what it is.) here’s the […]

Farmer’s Wife

I’ve joined the bandwagon. Here are my first 4….(Clockwise from top left: big dipper, attic windows, postage stamp, and basket weave. I need to figure out if they’re 6×6 finished, or 6×6 unsewn…. I’m so proud of my points, though!)

you guessed it….

…another one.Ring Around the Rosey, take 3. bias taped armholes, random stashed red fabric, and some DS Quilts for the collar… size 6, and, now that it’s been tried on and then hemmed, it’s on it’s way to D’s best girlfriend….

and another one….

I found some red seersucker in the garage today, and was looking for something to go with it, and realized that the 4th of July is this weekend… we don’t have any real plans, other than to climb the hill in the backyard to watch the fireworks in the port (and maybe the ones off […]