Um, I’ve been sewing a lot this past week.
here’re 3 more Ring Around the Rosey dresses (in three different sizes, all on my tiny model)
here’s the 24m. (it’s a gift, along with bloomers and a bonnet)
(the fabric is from Momen+, and is in Japanese, so I don’t know what it is.)
here’s the unhemmed 18M (I’m going to roll a very short hem, as she loves this dress)
it’s a kaffe fasset stripe, SO soft, with  his paperweight print for the collar
this one is a size 3, with fabrics from my stash. She’s swimming in it, which is why I made her put her arms up….

I just need to test the 4 and 5, and maybe draft a 12m, and then I’ll be done.

LOVE this dress.

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