A birthday bunny for Tutu!

C’s grandma’s birthday is right around Easter, and she LOVES bunnies, and she’s an avid golfer… I saw a teeny scrap of this golf ball print at M&L last week (about 1/8 of a yard), and bought it to make it into SOMETHING for Tutu, and then realized it would make the cutest toy bunny […]

Nap time!

The monster (whom I love dearly) finally slept, so I was able to make a just-because gift for my gram… She said she had a hard time finding black beaded necklaces, so $12 at Michael’s to buy beads later, I came up with this: The big beads look like lava, and the little ones are […]

The border is done!

ok, hopefully now it’ll measure 112″x112″ 88″ x 88″ was just too small for our Cal King bed…. so I have an inch of white (or, rather, white on white dots) then 7″ of Kona navy then 3″ more white dots on white then I’m planning on binding with the Kona. Purple just looked too […]

It’s done!

I’ll take good photos with a nice camera in the am, but I’m so happy!I think I need/want to add a border, I have some dark blue scraps… A nice “modern” chunky pieced border of dark blue all around… Because my bed is bigger than I thought…. (it’s a California king, so 90″x90″ isn’t quite […]

How to make snap crotch for a toddler romper/playsuit

OK, so hopefully you’ve read the part about how to cut/sew the basic shape of the romper, and all that remains is to make the snap crotch (that sounds so weird!) so, take one strip of stretchy coordinating fabric, serge the narrow ends, and line the ends up with the ends of one “U”, wrong […]

Quilt Blocks….

Last night was piecing night, obvi….I made my “Dandy” block for the quilt along…I made whirl-a-gig blocks for Heather’s month and I made triangles for Liz…. (the left is called “cards,” the right one is called “roses”more pictures on Flickrtonight I’ll work on my pie pan quilt, hopefully….


Ok, so the other day, (gosh, was that just yesterday? yikes!) I showed you this sneak peak… Here’s the finished product! It’s a zip-up hoodie for D. He doesn’t fit anything store bought right now, so why buy and alter when I can just make myself (out of superior materials, tailored to my boy!) He […]

the world’s ugliest muslin

I know I’ve kvetched enough about how hideous this fabric is. and I should totally stop, since I’m the one who ASKED for it (my grandmother thought it was so ugly she was embarrased to offer it to me, but I said, no, ugly sheets make great muslins… but this is beyond ugly, isn’t it?)anyway, […]

Boy baby quilt

This one’s going to our church-y place for the anniversary auctionAgain with the saturation gradationagain with the double diagonal quilting(I don’t know if it was the wind or the print or if I jiggled, but this is a trippy photo!)close up of some of the prints. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!(btw, I suggested an opening bid of $60, […]