LAMQG scrap swap

We did a scrap swap again this year. I am lucky enough to have Latifah make me a sewing machine cover (it’s not done yet, but I got a peek tonight, and I cannot WAIT to see it in my bedroom!)My swap partner asked for placemats for her dogs, so here they are placemat 1,  front and […]

Uh oh, I’m spoiling the baby!

(not mine, they’re already spoiled) My awesome friend Jon (one of the Bean’s godfathers) and his LOVELY wife Catey, just had a baby boy. We’re planning to visit them soon, but I can’t wait (mostly because I want more pretty pictures (ie, the ones C takes for me) to “feature” on the home page. also […]

Utility sewing

The slupcover on the sofa on our back patio was ripped to shreds on the seat, so I grabbed a remnant canvas piece that sorta matched, pinned, and zigzagged it on. It’s not my best sewing, but the dogs are always on this sofa, and they don’t care about puckers!