We did a scrap swap again this year. I am lucky enough to have Latifah make me a sewing machine cover (it’s not done yet, but I got a peek tonight, and I cannot WAIT to see it in my bedroom!)My swap partner asked for placemats for her dogs, so here they are

placemat 1,  front and back

and the other one:

placemat 2, front and back

She gave me all the fabric scraps, and separated out the color schemes for each…

C, wonderful husband that he is, took some artsy shots for me:

I did a lot of FMQ on the background of this one, and then I did different straight line designs on the circles… just for fun.

Here they are together….

and, since I doubt the dogs will appreciate the time/effort put into these placemats, I added some eau de chat; I hope the dogs will enjoy that.