…and one for the Bean

  She got all excited about it, until she realized it was an L for her real name, instead of a B for Beanie (which, to be fair, was what she asked for; I made the¬†executive¬†decision to overrule her request, and use her real initial) I DID use her fabric choices though, even though I […]

take 3… just to make sure….

I had this leftover super cute green froggie print (from these pants), and some beige-ish twill, so I made another backpack… I admit I thought D would want this one more than the blue one, but nope, he’s sticking with the blue… (he did ask if he could have both, but I ixnay-ed that idea.) […]

See, I CAN make a good backpack…

After the last post, I feel the need to walk what I talk… so here’s test 2 of my new backpack design… It’s quite a bit fancier, but still pretty beginner friendly. I had about a yard of this aqua twill fabric, (only used 1/2 a yard though), and a fat quarter of these Kokka […]

ballet dress for a little girl

we have a birthday party today, for a 3yo girl… like most, she likes pink and ballet, so when I saw this ballet shoe fabric at my Bernina dealer, I snapped up a yard, and made this last night…I don’t have a pattern, but I used the peasant top tutorial from indietutes as a jumping […]

Spring Top, more animals, more roses

I whipped this sucker out in 2 hours tonight. LOVE IT. I used the pattern from the new issue of STITCH magazine (though I tweaked it a bit)… the turquoise is a rayon/spandex tissue jersey remnant from Joanns, and the eyelet is an AMAZING silk cotton from Mood. (I treated myself to a stop there […]

“cute” skirts…

Last weekend, I went dancing, which I’m trying to get back into after 7ish years off… I had 2 kids since I was a hardcore dancer, so I definitely don’t fit into all my old vintage or repro skirts and dresses… I currently have TWO skirts that are “cute.” (not stained from kids, fit well, […]

summer clothes (to be) for the Bean

My daughter has begun to be very aware of her clothes, she is determined to choose her own outfits… (she’ll be 18 months at the end of the month.) She’s obsessed with PINK! such a girl! I’ve been so careful to ensure that all the colors of the rainbow recieved equal representation in her wardrobe, […]

A shirt for my dad…

Ok, so we have 2 big dogs… our XL dog door cost over a hundred dollars, and the flap ripped within 6 months… supposedly that’s just what happens. So I found a tute on the internet showing how to make your own dog door using various wooden things and then cutting down a car floor […]

Sunhat for a baby with a big head.

D’s head is already bigger than mine,(he’s outgrown his adult small bike helmet already), so it’s hard to find sunhats that are appealing, age apropriate, and will fit him. I made up this pattern last year, but he outgrew it, obvi. Here’s the new version. Green cotton seersucker on the “inside,” (it’s reversible, but I […]

Rainy day #6…

First the baby took her morning nap, so I was able to start a granny square with one of the green yarns I dyed last night… isn’t it purdy?!?!?!? Then I managed to get the boy-o to nap (unfortunately after his sister had already woken up), so I backpacked her, and cut out the envelopes […]