Birthday/camp sewing

This boy turned 7 this week. he requested a full Luke Skywalker/Jedi costume. Pants (pegged so they bunch up), Tunic (over a white t-shirt, and with the flappy vest-y bits sewn on to a simple shirt), and, of course, the jedi robe. he also “needed” (I.e. has been hinting since Xmas that he would really […]


*Giveaway closed, Random Number Generator chose 3 winners, (53, 3, 39)* Thanks for participating! Do you know Carrie? I met her a few years ago at the Long Beach Quilt Show, while walking around, shopping, with my friends,¬†Jules and Tess. ¬†Carrie is AWESOME (and so is her mother). We were drawn into the SUCH Designs […]

stripey fabric

pants for the boy (simplest version, to test for fit. LOVE. pants pattern is Jacob, in dutch (thank you, Google translator) jacket for the girl, from the same fabric. (lined with Robert Kaufman lawn.) LOVE. pattern is the Molly jacket. I need to add buttons. Bonus shot of the two of them matching. and her […]

Little things

Knitted leggings for the baby guy. matching pajama pants for all three kiddos from Dr Seuss flannel (and a coordinating blanket) some embroidery (went on a bag as a gift for my friend Lori, master knitter)

Purple Pants

  My post-partum body needs clothes, so I made these last week. Fabric is Vera stretch sateen (by RK, of course) in Amethyst. LOVE them. I’ve got some green (Aloe) ready to cut next.    

Baby pants, etc

there’s something ridiculously appealing about baby butts. .. He’s way too small for the basket, but it’s so cute, we use it in the front yard when his big sibs want to ride bikes out there… he’s so teeny and smooshy! he’s had his first photoshoot (for the sleep sack pattern I still haven’t actually […]

a BUNCH of Sailor Pants for D

The boy-o put in a request for lots more sailor pants, which I love for summer, because a) they cover his knees so he gets cut up less, b) they look really stinkin’ cute on him. Right? I cut out a big pile on Sunday, and sewed a lot yesterday, so today he has 5 […]

Baby Crockett!

Ok, little dude, feel free to come any time now. (or go ahead and wait the full six more weeks, whichever you prefer).You have an outfit! Hat: thanks to my awesome friend Alissa, Shirt and Pants, made of Robert Kaufman Essex Linen scraps from D’s costume. (shirt is Newborn Kimono shirt from Purl Bee, pants […]

Vintage Davy Crockett

I bought a vintage Davy Crockett costume pattern on etsy a few weeks ago, and then got ahold of some gorgeous Essex Linen (in Camel), and gave up on finding nice vinyl or leather fringe, and accepted the faux stuff they sell at Joann. Luckily it came together really well, and the boy-o woke up […]

Finally finished knitted longies

Front: Back: I LOVE them. made in a size 9m, so hopefully he’ll be at least scooting, if not crawling, while wearing these, so his cute little cloth-diapered monster butt will be visible. pattern is based on the Budgie Bloomers (from ravelry) pants… with lots of improvised modifications….