KCWC sailor pants

trying to photograph a five-year-old boy is an exercise in frustration… except that this one is so goofy, I can’t help laughing… neither can he. he also can’t hold still. or just look nicely at the camera. at all. ever. so here’s a picture of the pants on the hanger last night… check out these […]

A boy doll for the Bean’s boy…

My daughter’s love is a little boy called Pickle (fate, right?). For his birthday she and I decided he needed a boy doll so he didn’t always have to play with the girl dolls. She chose the Eddie doll from Wee Wonderfuls, and we made it yesterday and today. I used the scraps from the […]

KCWC early start

So last year, a friend gave me some of her old clothes to refashion…. I turned this pair of stretch cord jeans into maternity pants a while back, but the stretch is a little too much, and the maternity aspect makes them fall down. I thought and thought about how to fix them, and then […]

Crockett pants

Im preparation for the new arrival…. a pair of wool longies (hopefully a long size 3-6m)… just because, I knitted the Fibonacci sequence in on one leg…. (starting on the left, with the orange: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and then the cuff…) I also drafted out a pair of 3-6m pants, with extra […]


Here’s the quilt for our baby boy, as designed by me and the Bean. C bought me an early birthday present, a walking foot, so this was my first time using it. LOVE. here’s the back, pieced with scraps. here’s the oops on the back. just so I don’t get a swelled head. here’s the […]

I’m so excited!

I did some of the work for Robert Kaufman in trade for fabric, and today when I got home I had a HUGE box on my porch. All the cool colors are already in the washing machine so I can start making D pants tomorrow, but here’s the warm stuff. Twill, corduroy, velveteen, poplin, linen, […]

Green baby pants

with cargo pockets! ok, maybe they’re fake cargo pockets, but they’re SO cute!

Green baby pants

with cargo pockets! ok, maybe they’re fake cargo pockets, but they’re SO cute!