Penny the penguin (and Peter Pan)

Peter is up first…   I read about this Eraser Clay on Remarkably Domestic, and my kiddos love those weird little erasers, so I thought this clay would be fun for them. I made this Peter Pan (with a pink feather, because red isn’t an option) at D’s request. You can see the crayons in […]

random bits and bobs

  This post could also be acurately labeled as “Things that make me happy:”   I got a new planner last week (well, I picked it up last week, but I ordered it several weeks ago) It’s the LIFE planner by Erin Condren, and I chose to put my own picture on the cover (free […]

progress, halted…

I’ve started knitting a sweater for D… I have so much yarn left from when I was knitting soakers for the Bean, I need to use it! I am working on a sailor-inspired sweater, using “Knitting without Tears” by Elizabeth Zimmerman (when I get rich, I’m gonna buy every book/show/etc she ever made)to help me […]

my pretty dyed yarns…

member these pretty little skeins?well, they were not wound and put away quickly enough!I thought it was bad enough that the Bean took them to be necklaces, but then…I discovered D, using them to “catch” aliens!and then I looked back, and the Bean had MORE!she’s so pleased with herself!I have rescued and wound them all […]

better pictures…

Here’s my stack of finished 1/2 square triangles… I made 18 pairs of solids/prints, 4 of each block, for 2 different (but the same) baby quilts… (I started with 4.5″ squares, but am not bothering to measure beyond that… here’re the blues-greens-yellows… the pinks-purples-reds-oranges-yellows… I made my husband help me choose the block order… we […]

fun with food coloring.

this makes me sooooo happy. I LOVE PLAYING WITH COLOR! painting, sewing, dyeing, all sooooo fun! I mentioned before that I’ve started an afghan… I am using Pattons Pure Wool, (because it’s easy and cheap), but I want more colors… I’ve played with kool aid before, and that’s super fun, but I also have lots […]

Some kiddo Xmas presents

I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but a few weeks back the Urban Craft Center celebrated their 1st anniversary with a RIDICULOUS sale. The Weir doll kits were 75% off, which made them all under $10 (some were like $3… I wish I’d gotten more, they would make awesome b-day presents… […]