Ring Around the Rosey grows up.

So, earlier this summer, I designed and made this dress for the Bean: Lauren really liked it, and asked for it in her size. she gave me the fabric, and here it is: she chose the fabric, and now I covet a matching top… Shot Cotton for the main fabric, and an Art Gallery print […]

…and one for the Bean

  She got all excited about it, until she realized it was an L for her real name, instead of a B for Beanie (which, to be fair, was what she asked for; I made the executive decision to overrule her request, and use her real initial) I DID use her fabric choices though, even though I […]

take 3… just to make sure….

I had this leftover super cute green froggie print (from these pants), and some beige-ish twill, so I made another backpack… I admit I thought D would want this one more than the blue one, but nope, he’s sticking with the blue… (he did ask if he could have both, but I ixnay-ed that idea.) […]

See, I CAN make a good backpack…

After the last post, I feel the need to walk what I talk… so here’s test 2 of my new backpack design… It’s quite a bit fancier, but still pretty beginner friendly. I had about a yard of this aqua twill fabric, (only used 1/2 a yard though), and a fat quarter of these Kokka […]

Betty’s Baby Quilt

As I import, I realize there are lots of Drafts that I never finished, so here’s one… I made this quilt for a friend’s first baby… I also made them a wedding quilt (perhaps pre-blog?), so this was made with all the scraps from their quilt. I did actually present this WITH the VERY late […]

travel sewing kits

I have a “new” sewing machine, a 1931 White’s Rotary. I asked for naming help, and my friend Tess suggested Roxie. Perfect. As a thank you, (and, I admit, to test my pattern before I offer y’all a tutorial), I made her a little travel sewing kit thingy.  (is it a kit if it’s empty? […]

Cathedral Windows Quilt

Ta da! This quilt took a ton of work.  When I thought it was done, I looked at it and decided it actually wasn’t, so I made it twice as big. Now it’s CalKing sized.  Craziness, but totally worth it.

Sunhats for Beach School

Made some as presents for the kids’ preschool teachers.  Then made some for the kids.  Obvi.

State Fair Dress

The State Fair Dress just screams SUMMER doesn’t it? View 2 Those are the pockets.  My daughter MUST have pockets on everything she wears.