Birthday/camp sewing

This boy turned 7 this week. he requested a full Luke Skywalker/Jedi costume. Pants (pegged so they bunch up), Tunic (over a white t-shirt, and with the flappy vest-y bits sewn on to a simple shirt), and, of course, the jedi robe. he also “needed” (I.e. has been hinting since Xmas that he would really […]

Overwhelmed by WIP’s Wednesday…

I had to take a blood test at the Dr this morning, and took some quilty books to look at while waiting for the hour to pass… As I did so, I reminded myself that I have several unfinished projects… I made a list… this is stuff that’s already been cut/started (but just fabric/yarn purchased/saved […]

a little school jumper…

So, obviously yesterday was 9/11, and I totally couldn’t handle it.  I hugged D so hard at one point he complained (he normally loves hugs)… It’s a crazy day for me, because we could see the smoke (and we were covered in ash by evening) from across the bay (we, my best friends and I, […]

30-minute pants…

I did my workout tonight (yoga, which I like, but it’s 2 hours long! plus a shower, leaving me not much time to play!), and then C said he was coming home from work early (sad that midnight-ish is early, huh?), so I knew better than to start cranking on the western shirt for him… […]

Finally asleep, time to craft!

First I got the Bean to fall asleep… Then D… now it’s time to get busy! I have this crazy plan to work out (I’m doing P90X), and then whip up an entire western shirt, TONIGHT, before C leaves on his work trip… We’ll see how it goes… but first, look how pretty! I used […]

nightly update!

Here’s my crocheted blanket so far…. 3 down, 7 in progress, 134 to go! but hey, I’m ahead of my goal of 1/week! And I’m loving the colors/pattern. I can’t wait to use up what I’ve dyed so far so I can dye more! And I bordered the baby quilt… It’s a solid red, then […]

Rainy day #6…

First the baby took her morning nap, so I was able to start a granny square with one of the green yarns I dyed last night… isn’t it purdy?!?!?!? Then I managed to get the boy-o to nap (unfortunately after his sister had already woken up), so I backpacked her, and cut out the envelopes […]

Block #2!

I couldn’t resist, I crocheted another block today… Bright red center, dark teal heather middle, natural outer.I’m loving this block pattern. I think it’ll make a lovely throw.

my first block

I was SO inspired by this GORGEOUS blanket, I decided I had to have one. I don’t have $990 to spend on a blanket, so I’m gonna make my own. My goal is 1 block a week. More if I can… I got this awesome book at the library, and I made my wonderfully patient […]

finished teeny tiny crochet

I showed off some teeny tiny crocheted snowflakes while I was blocking them, but here they are all finished: aren’t they so pretty? I turned the two matching ones into a pair of earrings for one of my closest friends: I was pretty proud of them! I then made two other pairs for my sister, […]