I did my workout tonight (yoga, which I like, but it’s 2 hours long! plus a shower, leaving me not much time to play!), and then C said he was coming home from work early (sad that midnight-ish is early, huh?), so I knew better than to start cranking on the western shirt for him…

instead, I did a little more hooky stuff:

and then I churned out 4 pairs of summer pants for D.

Dana, from MADE, has her now famous 90-minute shirt… therefore, these pants must be called the 30-minute pants… seriously, cutting and sewing, all in under half an hour (of course, at this point, I’ve made about 40 pairs, over 2 years, so I’ve gotten faster, but even my first time, probably about an hour… Nowadays I don’t even use a pattern, I’ve memorized the proper shape, so I just have to measure down from the top to the crotch to well past the hemline, and cut my “j” to make the right shape… LOVE IT

this time around I did natural linen, black linen, white-dyed-teal linen, and loosely woven green cotton…

They all need hems, but I have to see how long my boy is first, and, as it’s midnight, my 3yo is asleep and un-fit-able.

I make them reversible, no outer side seam, just a crotch seam, with cargo pockets on the hip, (not the knee, too low for little hands), simple elastic on the waist, so my 3yo can put them on and take them off all by himself. He’s a RTW 6-8 now, ’cause he’s so big, but he can’t possibly do all the buttons and zippers expected of a 6-8yo, so I have to make ALL his pants…

luckily for me, they’re super fast!

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