I was SO inspired by this GORGEOUS blanket, I decided I had to have one. I don’t have $990 to spend on a blanket, so I’m gonna make my own. My goal is 1 block a week. More if I can…

I got this awesome book at the library, and I made my wonderfully patient and loving husband look at ALL the blocks with me to choose the one he liked best.

He liked this one. #189 (sorry, the picture is upside down!)

It’s called “Willow”

I decided to do blues, greens, browns, and cherry, with natural wool as the border on all of them… so each block will have brown/tan/cherry in the middle, and a blue/green/teal color next, then white on the outside…

like this:

I realized after wetting and pinning that I should have sewn in the ends first… oops.

oh well, given that this will take about 3 years (averaging 1/week), I think I’ll have time to hide the ends and reblock it.

For my first block, I think it’s quite nice!