Baby pants, etc

there’s something ridiculously appealing about baby butts. .. He’s way too small for the basket, but it’s so cute, we use it in the front yard when his big sibs want to ride bikes out there… he’s so teeny and smooshy! he’s had his first photoshoot (for the sleep sack pattern I still haven’t actually […]

a BUNCH of Sailor Pants for D

The boy-o put in a request for lots more sailor pants, which I love for summer, because a) they cover his knees so he gets cut up less, b) they look really stinkin’ cute on him. Right? I cut out a big pile on Sunday, and sewed a lot yesterday, so today he has 5 […]

Vintage Davy Crockett

I bought a vintage Davy Crockett costume pattern on etsy a few weeks ago, and then got ahold of some gorgeous Essex Linen (in Camel), and gave up on finding nice vinyl or leather fringe, and accepted the faux stuff they sell at Joann. Luckily it came together really well, and the boy-o woke up […]

Finally finished knitted longies

Front: Back: I LOVE them. made in a size 9m, so hopefully he’ll be at least scooting, if not crawling, while wearing these, so his cute little cloth-diapered monster butt will be visible. pattern is based on the Budgie Bloomers (from ravelry) pants… with lots of improvised modifications….

KCWC raglan t-shirt

My son has a really big head, so when I saw this snapped raglan shirt pattern from Ottobre Magazine, I KNEW I needed to make it for D. But it’s only in toddler sizes. SO, I decided to make the pattern in the largest toddler size for the Bean, and the then figure out how […]

KCWC sailor pants

trying to photograph a five-year-old boy is an exercise in frustration… except that this one is so goofy, I can’t help laughing… neither can he. he also can’t hold still. or just look nicely at the camera. at all. ever. so here’s a picture of the pants on the hanger last night… check out these […]

KCWC: Monster butt Longies

I’m *still* waiting for my Ottobres, which I want for D, and the Bean has been such a disaster I’m totally unmotivated to sew for her from her sloper. So I’m knitting another pair of longies for Crockett. I’m using the Budgie Bloomers pattern again, but I think I figured out how to make them […]

A boy doll for the Bean’s boy…

My daughter’s love is a little boy called Pickle (fate, right?). For his birthday she and I decided he needed a boy doll so he didn’t always have to play with the girl dolls. She chose the Eddie doll from Wee Wonderfuls, and we made it yesterday and today. I used the scraps from the […]

KCWC cheat…

This spring’s KCWC doesn’t start till next week, but I’m getting inspired, so I whipped a t-shirt for D out tonight.  All stash fabrics from the garage, pattern traced from a currently fitting shirt. I’m a little worried about how it’ll hold up, as it’s made from tissue thin jersey, and he has a GINORMOUS […]

Crockett pants

Im preparation for the new arrival…. a pair of wool longies (hopefully a long size 3-6m)… just because, I knitted the Fibonacci sequence in on one leg…. (starting on the left, with the orange: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and then the cuff…) I also drafted out a pair of 3-6m pants, with extra […]