a little lawyer blanket

My college roommate/bff and her hubs just had their first baby. OBVI I was gonna make him a baby blanket… about 4 months before he was born, I realized that as the son of 2 lawyers, nephew of 3 lawyers, and grandchild of 4 lawyers, there was only 1 thing to make. I grabbed some […]


The Bean just started taking gymnastics (because she couldn’t possibly sit on the bench for an hour while her big brother takes gymnastics), but it’s mandatory that she wear a leotard, and after scouring the internet for over an hour, I was unable to find any unitards (biketards?) small enough to fit her… (maybe it’s […]

twirly girl dress on a twirly girl

  The problem with making a twirly girl dress is that the girl wearing it is constantly in motion…   it’s remarkably difficult to photograph   but I suppose that’s what makes the dress itself a success…