The Bean just started taking gymnastics (because she couldn’t possibly sit on the bench for an hour while her big brother takes gymnastics), but it’s mandatory that she wear a leotard, and after scouring the internet for over an hour, I was unable to find any unitards (biketards?) small enough to fit her… (maybe it’s just me, but a leotard with no shorts or tights is just a little too much skin for my totally immodest toddler)… Her Gym only had 1 in their shop in her size, and it was $45. granted it was sparkly pink and very cute, but we’re already paying an arm and a leg for the kiddos to take gymnastics, and I know how to sew.

I grabbed some “dancewear” fabric on sale at Joanns, and a $2 butterick leotard pattern, and commenced to waste all the fabric with a horridly fitting pattern. Even the size 2 was ridiculous on my tiny bean. Like, so bad I didn’t even take pictures, they just went on for a fit check, and then straight off into the trash.


I grabbed one of C’s old T-shirts, and a pair of 12M pants (legs too short, but rise and width perfect) and an 18M wifebeater, and drafted my own…

of course, it was pretty perfect. I would have just stopped there, and let her wear the tester, except it was made of a beer shirt. see:

all the same, I was pretty proud of it.


I took that off her, and used it as a pattern to make this one out of proper “dancewear” fabric:

It’s totally not perfect, but the necessity and deadline (I had 1 week between classes, and it was mandatory) made me concur my fear of knits, and it’s totally not embarassingly homemade.

I made another one today, even smaller, because this one was a little long… I’ll try to get better photos during her next class…