My college roommate/bff and her hubs just had their first baby. OBVI I was gonna make him a baby blanket… about 4 months before he was born, I realized that as the son of 2 lawyers, nephew of 3 lawyers, and grandchild of 4 lawyers, there was only 1 thing to make.

I grabbed some navy pinstripe (a wool blend, not scratchy), and some solid blue shirting, and appliqued his full name, (but you only get to see a few letters, for his sake), using my all time fave, the blanket stitch on my Bernina, with his future title…

(sorry, I blurred out his name, but it was 3 rows, first, middle, last, all lower case, then the “esq.” on the bottom line.)

I used more blue shirting to make a fluffy ruffle all around, and then the other side is plain creamy white minkee, so it’s super soft for him.

perfect for a future lawyer.

(or, ya know, ceramicist. Do your own thing, kiddo. and welcome to the world, we’re SO excited to have you here!)