Paw Prints!

I have this awesome idea for a quilt for D…

so I tested the block by making a throw pillow for the living room…
the back is just bright turquoise minkee, but the front is this block:

isn’t it cool?
It’s sometimes called Snake Trail, or Drunkard’s Trail (NOT drunkard’s path, which I also love)

you can put a ton of these blocks together into a GIANT maze….
I used scraps to string the middles, and the blueish-grey is from a pair of C’s pants that he loved but got too much paint splattered on them…. and the black is linen from an old, tattered pair of his pants…
I tested lots of quilting designs, quick and dirty, and then the kitties decided that they were allowed to walk all over it with their muddy paws…

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  1. Looks great Ramona, got my material yesterday, and glad someone's done one of the blocks, so I can see how it looks. I have five days off this weekend (easter and ANZAC day) so will get it done for you!! (Liz)

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