Married Couple Western Shirt

can be worn by either husband or wife!He wears it tucked in, I wear it tied up…the topstitching makes us both happy! and its such an awesome color! (edited to add this picture of the detail of the back… I actually TRIED to make the top-stitching a little wonky, I wanted it to look hand […]

lace ruffle tunic

so here’s the good pic of the shirt… i LOVE it! super comfy and super cute! you can see the lace better in this pic…I made a binding for the collar, and I left the ruffle unfinished, and put it on top instead of enclosing the edges… I also left the sleeves and hem unfinished […]

Spring Top, more animals, more roses

I whipped this sucker out in 2 hours tonight. LOVE IT. I used the pattern from the new issue of STITCH magazine (though I tweaked it a bit)… the turquoise is a rayon/spandex tissue jersey remnant from Joanns, and the eyelet is an AMAZING silk cotton from Mood. (I treated myself to a stop there […]

“cute” skirts…

Last weekend, I went dancing, which I’m trying to get back into after 7ish years off… I had 2 kids since I was a hardcore dancer, so I definitely don’t fit into all my old vintage or repro skirts and dresses… I currently have TWO skirts that are “cute.” (not stained from kids, fit well, […]

vintage sheets…

My gram handed down these GORGEOUS vintage sheets a while back… they’re 50/50 cotton poly, so they’re no good for quilts, but they’re gonna be good for throws… and maybe dresses for the bean? I dunno if my gram washed them before giving them, so I did so, and got to dry them on the […]

toys for D

as I put D to bed last night, he informed me that I needed to “stay up and make me a felt Harper and some mice for my felt kitty”uh… here are the mice I made, (on a 1″x1″ grid, so you can see how tiny they are)and the puppy I made…and I used […]

cute felt toy patterns!!!!!

OMG, if you like felt toys, you HAVE to go to this site and look around! I was looking for a mouse pattern, because of course the kitty I made for D now needs it’s own mouse toy… so I did a google search and found this… she (I assume the blogger is female, most […]

a good night’s work…

I’m soooo excited about getting to use fancy fabrics… I usually just buy remnants for myself, or regular old quilting cotton, but for this wedding quilt, I bought some Folksy Flannel, and some Little Folks Voile, and some Far Far Away double gauze… and then, because I liked the corderoy I used on my quilt, […]

Zip wallet

I used the tute from noodlehead. Too small, but good practice…