My gram handed down these GORGEOUS vintage sheets a while back… they’re 50/50 cotton poly, so they’re no good for quilts, but they’re gonna be good for throws… and maybe dresses for the bean?

I dunno if my gram washed them before giving them, so I did so, and got to dry them on the line (I LOVE hanging sheets and quilts on the line… and love my dryer for all the cloth diapers…)

I really really really want to make this, but I think I should use what I’ve got… I might just sew these two together, with canvas or something in the middle to make it slightly stronger… it seams silly to purchase new fabric that’s printed to look like old fabric when I HAVE old fabric already…

aren’t these daisies sweet?!?!?! the roses are even better, but D and the dogs were playing under them, so I couldn’t fit to take a pic…

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  1. I think you can totally use the sheets for quilting. I'm not a purist, though. I don't find all cotton necessary.

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