Frustration and a diffuser.

My sewing machine is acting up again. I keep getting this error message every inch or two as I sew. So frustrating! I have Xmas presents to make!So I decided to work on one of the dolls I'm making instead. I'm knitting Robin Hood and Maid Marion dolls for D. (Weir waldorf dolls, woodsman and […]

Busy night…

For the record, I spent the day at Disneyland, carrying my 1yo, a diaper bag, and sometimes my 3yo, so I'm pretty tired. BUT, I've been slacking lately, (mostly because my 1yo won't sleep, so I'm exhausted), and I really needed to get stuff done.SO: I made a pair of underpants for my boy-o. (it […]

what’s up for today:

I saw THIS: in “CROCHET TODAY.” I’m not a huge crocheter… I tend to prefer knitting, I can go faster, and I can knit without looking… crochet needs more of my attention… but I’ve been super inspired by the awesome stuff over at Attic24, so I bought the magazine. and then I saw these. and […]

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I’m always shocked by how expensive soap is. especially dishwasher soap. maybe because I grew up washing dishes in a sink, not in a dishwasher? anyway, I was listening to a snippet on NPR (so snippity that I have no idea what the show/topic was), but the woman (possibly being interviewed for a book?) said […]

Bias Tape Rose tutorial

My mom gave me this giant box of thrifted bias tape, hem tape, lace, corded piping, etc, and I needed to figure out SOMETHING to do with it… so:Cut about a yard of tape, grab a needle with about a yard of thread, knot the end, and go!Make a running stitch down the centerGather as […]

Travel High Chair tutorial

I, too, saw THIS on This Mama Makes Stuff, and fell in love… I figured I’d get around to making one of my own at some point, but I was going to wait till she posted a tutorial (fingers crossed)…but then, this morning, I saw that Jill had posted THIS, so I used her measurements […]

Fun with a box of bias tape

As previously mentioned, myMom found a box of bias tape, hem tape, corded piping, etc, at a thrift shop. I've been having lots of fun with it, buy my kiddos have been enjoying it even more! Both seem to revel in the act of unravelling.