For the record, I spent the day at Disneyland, carrying my 1yo, a
diaper bag, and sometimes my 3yo, so I'm pretty tired. BUT, I've been
slacking lately, (mostly because my 1yo won't sleep, so I'm
exhausted), and I really needed to get stuff done.
SO: I made a pair of underpants for my boy-o. (it feels weird to show
a kiddos underpants online, but i'm proud of them, so here they are,
on my ironing board, NOT on my kiddo). I made them in a size 6, but
the pattern doesn't have a size chart, and I think they might be too
small for my ginormous boy-o.
I also made the Heather Bailey headband (just because), and I made the
Bean-o a little sleep sack. I can't find any that fit her long length,
but stay on her teeny tiny shoulders. So I made a slightly enlarged
newborn size, with an extra length. Of course, with my luck, the night
I stay up is the night she sleeps through, so I'll have to wait till
tomorrow night to try it on her.