Utility sewing

I love my dogs. Really really love them. BUT. they pull like crazy when we walk them. SO we got them Gentle Leaders, and we LOVE what the GLs do, making it so much easier to walk 2 big dogs (one 70 Lbs, one over 100 lbs) while carrying a child and triking another, or […]

My new snap press…

Is totally hard core! Plus I got 2050 resin snaps. It looks like it belongs in the garage, and truth be told, that's probably where it will live. It's so heavy! But it needs to be very easily accessed in the garage, cause I have lots of snapped projects in my head right now!!!

renegade craft fair!!!

I am totally going on Saturday (and if I love it, Sunday TOO).I wanna see the ReForm School lino-tutorial… I wanna see all the displays, I wanna see everything. I feel about this like my 3yo feels when I tell him he’s getting a treat. SO excited, but NO idea what to expect. Just that […]

shirring help? MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

Ok, so I know people are crazy about shirring, and I also know that I’m a coward. I need to jump on the bandwagon. I want to jump on the band wagon. But I’m scared!Today, I saw this shirt at Ann Taylor Loft (click the link for the better picture on the ATL website. Obviously […]

Busy night!!!

I just altered 5 shirts for my friend Jenn. So I had to put bust darts on 2 of them, and refit invisible zippers in the sides of the other 3.I had to do them all in one night, or they'd get swallowed by my sewing room.

My new favorite book!

"Sew What! Skirts!"I made this 1/2 circle wraparound skirt. In about an HOUR! And it fits me perfectly. LOVE LOVE LOVE!