Long beach international quilt festival

My son loves owls, so when I saw this… So cute! I don't actually like the shape of the owls, but… I think it has potential. I want to do a big tree, with owls in holes in the tree, and on the branches, and the moon up on top. Somehow I have to make […]

20 of these done so far…

I LOVE this fabric. It's gonna be a birthday present later this year… It's a benertex pattern/fabric/kit that I found at Quilters Garden in Placentia when I did the Southern California Quilters Run.I don't like kit quilts in general, but this one is so pretty. And it's a gift, so shortcuts are appreciated. These are […]

my excuse

My birthday was last week, and THESE were my b-day presents!…so I’ve been really busy reading and getting inspired!from the top:Blueprints of Fashion (I already have and love the sears catalog books, but this one is in COLOR!)The Sew-It BookPrinting by HandThe Sewing BookAlabama Stitch Book(not pictured: How to Make Sewing Patterns)(and I asked for […]

making baby clothes!

I’ve been super busy, I swear! lots of posts coming, up, but right now, this is my afternoon:thrift shop $1 XL womens shirt in super soft but thick doublelock knit cotton cutting a basic shape all the pieces done! front and back, old cuffs to become new ruffle sleeves, and long strips to strengthen the […]

Renegade Craft Fair!

WAS SOOOOO COOL! here’s D at the fair, being a garden gnome. he was VERY excited, cause he loves garden gnomes.anyway, probably the thing I am most lusting over, still, is this butterfly belt buckle.it was $50, though, and I was trying to be really good. so I didn’t get it, and now I wish […]

my chicken skirt!

Here’re some fnished pictures (after I wore it, so the skirt is a little wrinkly) I added this double ruffle to it, the colors match perfectly (same collection), but the daisies don’t make it too chicken-y and the waist is faced with scrap yellow with white polka-dots. this skirt makes me happy.so there.

shirring success! giveaway results!

ok, so I took all the suggestions, and tried to cut what I wanted x 1.5 where I needed to shirr.I used my longest straight stitch (5.0, on my Bernina 730, but not sure exactly what 5.0 means. it might be millimeters of length?), I handwound my bobbin with elastic thread. (OH, if anyone else […]