I love my dogs. Really really love them.


they pull like crazy when we walk them. SO we got them Gentle Leaders, and we LOVE what the GLs do, making it so much easier to walk 2 big dogs (one 70 Lbs, one over 100 lbs) while carrying a child and triking another, or pushing a double jogger…

ANYWAY. Our pups HATE the GLs. they’re sorta willing to wear them, because they know GL means a walk, so they put them on NO PROBLEM. the problem comes ON the walk. They chew chew chew the chin strap, and we’ve had 3 wear through now. I’ve sewn and melted the pieces back together repeatedly, but…

so today I tried something new…

I went to REI and bought something similar in width and general makeup, (the GLs are made with 3/8″ wide nylon webbing), but made SUPER strong, (I assume, since its a lot thicker, as though there’s something on the inside), for rockclimbing.

and then tonight I cut and sewed and melted again, and made this:

the white/grey part is the new part on the old black GL.

and I have enough left over to do another when the other one falls apart.

so my fix (when ammortized to include fixing the next one) costs $5 instead of buying a whole new $20 collar!