here’s D at the fair, being a garden gnome. he was VERY excited, cause he loves garden gnomes.
anyway, probably the thing I am most lusting over, still, is this butterfly belt buckle.
it was $50, though, and I was trying to be really good. so I didn’t get it, and now I wish I had. I really like it, in fact, I really liked all her stuff, but that belt buckle seemed/seems the most useful.
D got some cute Japanese penguin magnets, and I got some green roving, and we made a little felted whale together, courtesy of the Urban Craft Center, and we block-printed a “scarf” (really just a triangle of grey fabric, but free, so …) together courtesy of ReForm School. My friend Jen came, with her kids and husband (they’ve lived in Pedro for a year, but it was their first trip to downtown LA), and she loved it too, (and bought an awesome necklace from Scarlett Glass. I’m jealous). She has only been to craft fairs in North Dakota, and said this one was much better.
can’t wait till next year, when I will try to go with a big allowance.

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