This one is to prevent sibling jealousy

It's just the fabric beach ball from Purl Bee (I didn't make the circles for the end because I am proud of my matching points). I wants to test my technique on this plain one before I madenthe taggy one. Turns out, super easy!

My latest…

It's a crazy taggy ball for my teething baby! She loves it! I think I'll have to make a tutorial for this, cause it's so fast and fun!


with only a few oopses! (I had to undo these straps, and redo them correctly … oh well. I got better at reinforcing seams?)I added a basic pocket on one side of the lining, and two zippered pockets on the other side.why do something easy when you can complicate it, right? Overall, I love it, […]

The Highbrow Hobo Bag…

I LOVE bags. I’m planning to make my dream diaper bag sometime soon. something that has LOTS of pockets, but matches a purse, and is cloth diapering friendly, and snack friendly, but not bottle friendly, since I don’t use bottles (why bother when I have boobs?).I’ve never made bags that I like, though, mine always […]

4 little owls…

Somebody gave somebody in this house a present in this gift bag a long time ago. I don’t know what it was, or who it was from (feel free to remind me and earn some credit), but D LOVES this bag a LOT. It’s just a typical gift bag, but it has these CUTE little […]

I love Seersucker!

I’ve been on a seersucker kick since I got inspired by the shirt-dresses over at Made (see previous posts for links). so here’s another shirt-turned-baby-outfit. it’s an old Ralph Lauren Polo, so the back of the romper used to be the front of the shirt. I followed a pattern for the directions, but then changed […]

More sailor pants.

This time they’re darker turquoise with black thread. I’ve stitched inthe ditch on the cuffs, so they’ll show the dark thread.And I used anchor buttons this time (the pic with D’s hands in his pants shows the anchors..). I love them! So does D, but, as is normal for him, he won’t slow down for […]

Shirt-sleeve Pants for the bean.

They’re a little tight over her cloth diapers, but fit ok overdisposable…I am making her a cute little romper out of an old shirt, but I wasn’t using the sleeves, so rather than just throw them away, I made a quick pair of pants.start to finish, they took less than 20 minutes!I left the cuffs […]

Dress #2 for the bean

I made this last night, just attached the sleeves tonight…I hope it’ll look cuter on her; I love the fabric, but the dress isn’t translating it’s cuteness in 2D.This print CALLED to me, the roses look like they were painted on, not printed on… and the coordinating cream with pink filigree (used for the panties) […]