I LOVE bags. I’m planning to make my dream diaper bag sometime soon. something that has LOTS of pockets, but matches a purse, and is cloth diapering friendly, and snack friendly, but not bottle friendly, since I don’t use bottles (why bother when I have boobs?).
I’ve never made bags that I like, though, mine always look homemade, which, to me, is NOT the goal when MAKING homemade stuff! SO, since I have this navy linen, and it matches the gorgeous blue floral scraps from the bean’s playmat, I thought I’d break myself in to bags by trying to make this bag from u handbags patterns.
So far, almost as much ripping out as sewing in, but I finished the outside of the bag! YAY!
I would be farther along, but last night I decided to put some embroidery on one of the outer pockets.
it’s a rose, and then in script it says “the Burkeshires!” I tried to find a slogan from the real Berkshires that I could use, but the Berkshires don’t seem to have a unified slogan, so I went for simple…
so far it looks better than previous bags, but not as awesome as the original… my straps are about 1/8″ off, which is only noticeable if you turn the bag upside-down and study it, but still, not perfect…
oh well. I’ll try to do the rest tomorrow… wish me luck!

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