Fabric paint

I cut the ends off some stalks of celery, and was reminded that the ends make awesome rose stamps… so the Bean and I pulled out some plain home-dec fabric and some fabric paint, and had at it… I did one side, she did the other. I think it’ll be a new bag.

My shirt..

Cause I’m a selfish seamstress at heart. I used the rose stencil in the Alabama Stitch Book as inspiration, enlarging/drawing it freehand, and then painting it in. LOVE IT!

Alabama Chanin knock-offs

I’m working on bday pressies for my sister. Her birthday is in April. Depending on the website I refer to, her birth flower is either the daisy or the sweet pea. So, I decided to do 1 of each. I found an old daisy papercut stencil from Martha Stewart living (at least 5 years ago), […]

There’s a reason I sew…

I can’t draw! I need ocean/fish stamps for D’s Sunday school tomorrow (all about the ocean), so I cut up some sticky craft foam and made stamp holders from strips of cardboard. Hopefully it will work!