30-minute pants…

I did my workout tonight (yoga, which I like, but it’s 2 hours long! plus a shower, leaving me not much time to play!), and then C said he was coming home from work early (sad that midnight-ish is early, huh?), so I knew better than to start cranking on the western shirt for him… […]

Finally asleep, time to craft!

First I got the Bean to fall asleep… Then D… now it’s time to get busy! I have this crazy plan to work out (I’m doing P90X), and then whip up an entire western shirt, TONIGHT, before C leaves on his work trip… We’ll see how it goes… but first, look how pretty! I used […]

Easter Bunny Peeps Pins!

I totally couldn’t resist, especially since I had some white felt and easter egg dye…I dunno how big they are, I didn’t measure at any point, but you can see the scale…the colors are a little off, the red one is actually pink, pretty close to the candies, and the yellow is a PERFECT match.I […]

More Easter prep…

while the Bean took a (short) nap today, we colored eggs… C and D colored easter eggs… (I made C wear an apron, and I only have girly aprons…) this was D’s first time, so mostly we did plain eggs, but he was thrilled by them. look how pretty! (they’re drying on D’s geo-board) there […]

my pretty dyed yarns…

member these pretty little skeins?well, they were not wound and put away quickly enough!I thought it was bad enough that the Bean took them to be necklaces, but then…I discovered D, using them to “catch” aliens!and then I looked back, and the Bean had MORE!she’s so pleased with herself!I have rescued and wound them all […]

better pictures…

Here’s my stack of finished 1/2 square triangles… I made 18 pairs of solids/prints, 4 of each block, for 2 different (but the same) baby quilts… (I started with 4.5″ squares, but am not bothering to measure beyond that… here’re the blues-greens-yellows… the pinks-purples-reds-oranges-yellows… I made my husband help me choose the block order… we […]

fun with food coloring.

this makes me sooooo happy. I LOVE PLAYING WITH COLOR! painting, sewing, dyeing, all sooooo fun! I mentioned before that I’ve started an afghan… I am using Pattons Pure Wool, (because it’s easy and cheap), but I want more colors… I’ve played with kool aid before, and that’s super fun, but I also have lots […]