Traveling Pic-Stitch bloghop

This post is part of the Travellin’ Pic Stitch Blog Hop.  From 1st October – 30th November we are hopping all over the world EPP-ing in some fantastic locations.  Check out the full list here and be sure to check out the other participants. Life is crazy ’round here these days! I’m drowning in fabric […]

Block of the day

it seems like journalling is becoming a thing these days, and part of me wants to jump right in and play along, either with lists or special books or whatever, but another part of me remembers the Project Life album I requested 4 years ago that remains unopened, etc, and thinks perhaps something simpler would […]

Overwhelmed by WIP’s Wednesday…

I had to take a blood test at the Dr this morning, and took some quilty books to look at while waiting for the hour to pass… As I did so, I reminded myself that I have several unfinished projects… I made a list… this is stuff that’s already been cut/started (but just fabric/yarn purchased/saved […]

Day 3: KCW challenge

I bought this birthday card from Trader Joe’s several months ago, for no reason other than that I LOVE the dress. Since my Ottobre Kids mags *STILL* haven’t arrived (ok, magazines from Norway or wherever they are have a right to take a while), I think I’m going to attempt this today. Time to see […]

Market time

I got my postage stamp quilt top done just in time. Quilting it will have to wait till June, as I’ve been informed that the craze of market has begun. This week I have to paper piece a quilt top: Design, sew, and write the pattern for a duvet cover; make a clutch bag or […]

Radio silence…

I’m working on stuff for Robert Kaufman that I can’t post about now, but I took pics of these cool hexie selvages for my friend Jules, and thought y’all might wanna seethem….

Fall colors

My grapes are so beautiful right now. I loooove these red red leaves. They totally inspired my color choice on my new quilt block, Crossette: Of course, living in SoCal, our fall weather is still tank-top friendly, and I was able to play, barefoot, on my “design wall” (my front lawn).

Appliqué and thimbling

I <3 Interlibrary Loan! After buying my Thimblelady thimble a few weeks ago, and loving it, I used ILL to order her quilting and applique books… I read through the Applique book today, and then practiced this butterfly…. Not bad for my first attempt, right? I started with practice butterfly #5 of 20 (sequenced in order of […]

Photo shoot!

Lauren (of Sewmodern) asked for some pics of me and my kiddos and pets and sewing stuff (ie a headshot and some “studio” shots). But my “studio” is all over my house. My cutting table is in the enclosed porch I share with the laundry and dogs. My ironing board is behind the sofa. My […]