Bags n babies

D and I stopped by the new Daiso Japan store in Torrance last week. they have cute little metal clasp frames for $1.50, so I bought one and tried it out. I suck at glueing. and next time I’ll make my own shape (less pear-y), but this time I followed the pattern that comes with […]

Lego mini-fig bag

      perfect for keeping all those little mini-figs and their accessories safely stored, at home or on the road. Fabric is Vroom by Leslie Grainger, and Essex Linen green scraps

Double -ended zippered bag

D needed a pencil bag, and was told to put pencils, erasers, and markers in them. I had this idea to make a bag that’s double ended, but searching on the internet for “double-ended bag” or pouch or anything double-ended only produces boxing results…. I’m not sure if I just don’t know the right search […]

A bag.

as part of passing on a board position at the kiddos’ preschool, I made a bag to hold the 1st VP binder…. I used some stash gaberdine, some lovely circa 1934 dots (won during the White Elephant at the LAMQG retreat), and some Quilters Linen (LOOOOOVE) I put pockets inside for pens, keys, etc, and […]

Happy Birthday to my sister…

I was asked to make a Keyka Lou zip clutch from some new fabrics by RK, but wasn’t sure about how they would appear on the finished bag, so I decided to test the pattern… I used some scraps, which happened to match this bag… the finished bag was super cute, the pattern was awesome, […]

More bags

Just out of the dryer. New quilts make me happy…. and here’re some tester bags, made with Quilter’s Linen scraps (from the chopsticks quilt) and some Stitch scraps (left over from when I slipcovered these chairs at Market)… this one above is the Keyka Lou grocery bag, with handles in the wrong places, ¬†and below […]

Laminated shopping bags

These are from the grocery bag pattern by Keyka Lou, made for Robert Kaufman. I love that multicolored raindrop flower print. And the numbers are cool too.

Another bag…

This puppy needs a name. I made another one to test my pattern, and I LOVE it. (BTW, if any of you love this bag as much as I do, I’d love a pattern tester!) My sister’s birthday is coming up, and that blue is her favorite color, so I think it’s headed her way, […]


Tada! Here’s my new bag!!! (Fancy setting, right? garage door handles make great bag backgrounds) somehow in the last 2 days I lost my rose fabric. Luckily last week I bought 1/2 a yard of this gorgeous Pezzy print at Sew Modern, and it was just enough for the lining, and it matches PERFECTLY. LOVE. […]


I tried 2 hardware stores, and could only find silver rings, so they don’t match the zipper, but I love the bag anyway. btw, these pics were taken in the parking lot of my kiddos’ school. I thought the sailing themed bag needed a photograph at the beach… and it was SUCH a beautiful day.