I love Seersucker!

I’ve been on a seersucker kick since I got inspired by the shirt-dresses over at Made (see previous posts for links). so here’s another shirt-turned-baby-outfit. it’s an old Ralph Lauren Polo, so the back of the romper used to be the front of the shirt. I followed a pattern for the directions, but then changed […]

More sailor pants.

This time they’re darker turquoise with black thread. I’ve stitched inthe ditch on the cuffs, so they’ll show the dark thread.And I used anchor buttons this time (the pic with D’s hands in his pants shows the anchors..). I love them! So does D, but, as is normal for him, he won’t slow down for […]

Shirt-sleeve Pants for the bean.

They’re a little tight over her cloth diapers, but fit ok overdisposable…I am making her a cute little romper out of an old shirt, but I wasn’t using the sleeves, so rather than just throw them away, I made a quick pair of pants.start to finish, they took less than 20 minutes!I left the cuffs […]

Dress #2 for the bean

I made this last night, just attached the sleeves tonight…I hope it’ll look cuter on her; I love the fabric, but the dress isn’t translating it’s cuteness in 2D.This print CALLED to me, the roses look like they were painted on, not printed on… and the coordinating cream with pink filigree (used for the panties) […]

dance pants!

that I’ve done this so many times now that I can make basic pants from start to finish in under 1/2 an hour!D’s first dance class (pre-ballet, pre-tap combined in a 1 hr class, 1/2 of each, for ages 3-4) is tomorrow (today… 13.5 hours…go to bed!). I bought the shoes (so cute!), but was […]

Sewing for The Bean

I’ve been making dresses for my daughter, but I don’t want to waste time on things she’ll wear for a few months, I’m making 2Ts and up, hoping that she’ll get a little more use out of them then…So here’s the first one I made. I bought the fabric a LONG time ago, cause I […]

My first hat!

Made from scraps, hence the lighter seersucker 1/2 brim. I didn’t finish the edges; in fact, I snipped them, so hopefully, over time, they’ll fray like a ragged blanket? it’s reversible, the other side is all the same turquoise seersucker… I wish I had put the mismatched part on the other side from the embroidery… […]

Detail shot of my wedding dress

I need to get it "preserved"… But since I never officially finished it (I was sewn in, and I seamripped myself out!), I haven't bothered yet…LOTS of seedbeads on this dress. LOTS.It's hard to tell, but the top front was like 9 pieces or something. Dupioni silk has such visible grainlines that we cut the […]

LOTS of homemade!

Shirt on DH (matches D's, maroon with teeny white bunnies, only visible up close, so DH can wear it and not feel soft).Sling (grey boucle suiting on the outside, Kelly green minkee on the inside)Dress on the Bean (matches mine. Mine is solid with floral trim, hers is reverse. I love matchy matchy…)