new workspace….

I have a LOT of fabric. and right now, most of it looks like this: it started in organized bins and tubs… Quilting Cottons, Knits, Home Dec, etc…. but as my stash expanded, the bins started overflowing… so now we’re working on something like this: I’m slowly folding all my fabric onto comic book boards […]

Lego mini-fig bag

      perfect for keeping all those little mini-figs and their accessories safely stored, at home or on the road. Fabric is Vroom by Leslie Grainger, and Essex Linen green scraps

Double -ended zippered bag

D needed a pencil bag, and was told to put pencils, erasers, and markers in them. I had this idea to make a bag that’s double ended, but searching on the internet for “double-ended bag” or pouch or anything double-ended only produces boxing results…. I’m not sure if I just don’t know the right search […]

Baby pants, etc

there’s something ridiculously appealing about baby butts. .. He’s way too small for the basket, but it’s so cute, we use it in the front yard when his big sibs want to ride bikes out there… he’s so teeny and smooshy! he’s had his first photoshoot (for the sleep sack pattern I still haven’t actually […]

catch up.

Sooo, it was really hot, and I was knitting a lot, and I wound up having to take my knitting to the hospital, and finishing it there, while holding this little dude. and then I came home, and made a quilt, but totally forgot to take better pics of it before giving it away…. but […]