Sooo, it was really hot, and I was knitting a lot, and I wound up having to take my knitting to the hospital, and finishing it there, while holding this little dude.

and then I came home, and made a quilt,

but totally forgot to take better pics of it before giving it away…. but I used Angela’s brilliant book, and tried lots of different quilting on it…

(this is after it’s been through the washer and dryer to make it cuddly)

I tested out my sleep sack size

made a couple more, in these lovely new fabrics…

My sleep sack in VROOM and Bonny Bloom Flannel

finally finished the top of my summer sampler

using Kona colors: White, Coral, Cerise, Crocus, Curry, and Aqua (say that 10 times fast!)

I’m MADLY in love with my micro-sashing. MADLY.

now I’m trying to figure out how to quilt the behemoth I made for my dad, and to decide on the quilt back for the above quilt, and to catch up on my Handstitched quilt, etc….

and Fall Market prep starts next week…